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"Peptide bioregulators are the future of medical science.” Prof. Khavinson

Until the age of 25-30 years the body can usually produce peptides in adequate amount but by progressing the age this ability is decreasing or even discontinues. This is especially important because in our body 25 million cells are exchanged in a minute and the cell specific peptide molecules are mainly responsible for copying, perpetuating of DNA of these cells without mistakes. The result of this peptide-deficient state is the accumulation of DNA defects in the body by time that are associated with observable symptoms, and result in abnormal function of a specified cell group (liver, kidneys, heart, etc.). If the peptide - deficiency of the body is discontinued by using cell specific peptides, then the abnormal cell group will become to restore itself, and to normalize its function.

The team of PP.Life is determined to make possibilities without drugs available for most of the people that can develop their effects without side effects and focusing on the reason for the arising problem. With 30 years of scientific work and clinical studies in the background we trust in you to be able to enjoy the good influence of our products, theactive long life.

Peptide Products NPCRIZ

Liquid Peptides

The new generation of natural peptide bioregulators for external use was created. The received peptide complexes (PC) are applied on the inner surface of the forearm, gently rub it in until the substance is completely absorbed. 7-15 minutes later the peptides bound with dendritic cells, which transport them further to the lymphatic nodes, where the peptides are "transferred" and move with the blood to the target organs and tissues.


Physiologically active short peptides are useful to use to maintain normal levels of metabolic processes at any age, to prevent and treat various diseases, to get rehabilitation after serious illnesses, injuries, operations, and to slow down the aging process in the body.


Following the analysis of the amino acid sequence of polypeptides extracted from organs and tissues, there were distinguished short peptides - amino acids that contain 3 amino acids, which are the "active center" of the product made from the animal raw material extracts. This allowed creating a new class of products - para pharmaceutical, which are commonly known as citogens. Since, citogens contain only one kind of molecules (the most significant short peptide), compare to the extracts (group of polypeptides), they are recommended to be used in early stages of peptide therapy, as well as short courses for prevention of premature ageing.


AMITABS - the general name of series of supplements containing mono amino acids, which are fullfilled with ascorbic acid. On one hand - amitabs is a source of building material for the missing cells, on the other - it is a source of vitamin C - to control oxidation processes in cells and it also acts as immunomodulator. And when it comes to immunomodulation, it also comes to tissue regeneration. Thus, AMITABS not only helps to build proteins, but also to maintain the intergrity of cells and tissues. Today we represent seven supplements in this series, which can be used both separately and in a combination with each other and with other supplements including the peptides.

There are several ways to restore the function of organs and systems. The most common today is the use of different sets of antioxidants and micronutrients. Their action is superficial, basically they try to increase cell resistance to external influences and provide with substrates for biosynthesis. Another method - a correcting function of cells at the DNA level using the peptides. Peptides give cells the ability to regain synthesize of the desired proteins and to fully carry out its functions. Nevertheless, few people know that the materials for the construction of proteins are amino acids. And their presence in the cells depends on the final result of the protein synthesis. It has become clear that the presence of micro nutrients and antioxidants depend on metabolism, i.e the formation and decay of biologically active substances depend on the presence of the beginning of proteins synthesis - those biomachines that convert micronutrients into bioactive substances, and form amino acids, respectively, depend on the completion of protein synthesis, because without them, they simply can no be formed.

So today, it is not relevant to talk only about antioxidants and peptides, but also about amino acids. They play a crucial role in building protein, and therefore, life. It has been noted that there are essential and nonessential amino acids, and that for each organ system and certain amino acids are the most important. This means that certain organs and tissues require for the construction of their own proteins and enzymes more amino acids than others. And this especially important when we are talking about prevention of premature aging and the restoration of the various organs and systems.

Mesotel internally

Mesotel line for internal use refers to basic revitalization and includes 4 products. The first is the mesothel based on choline, and gotu kola extracts and wolfberry. The second - mesotel beauty which composition is enriched with zinc an selenium. The third one is mesotel neo, which includes the composition all of the above and even more resveratrol. The fourth - Mesotel Tabs, of which, along with choline and resveratrol includes glycine and vitamin B6. The main objective of this mesotel is a significant improvement of the nervous and immune systems, a powerful antioxidant and revitalization effects on the body.


The use of biologically active additives NPCRIZ help you consistently restore health. The complex application of presented biologically active supplements perform one of the most important functions: guarantees the prevention of premature aging, promotes the normalization of metabolism and accumulates the organism's strengths without any destructive side effects. The use of biologically active supplements of the Center of Revitalization and Health and their combination with peptide bioregulators create solid foundation for the extension of youth, beauty, health and active longevity.

Mesotel outwardly

We would like to present the essentially new line of products for external mesotherapy. These are the Mesotel for external use made on the basis of the complex HPE-4 + Neovitin®, especially for the scalp, face, neck and body.

Although the key element of external Mesotel is product HPE-4, today it cannot be used as the single means. Therefore in order to affect the maximal amount of elements in pathogenesos of premature aging of skin, we suggested to use the complex HPE-4 + Neovitin®, as anti-aging complex in the Mesotel for external use. On one hand, Neovitin® acts as a booster (effect's intensifier), and this was clinically confirmed (the effectiveness of HPE.4 is increased by 23%), while on the other hand, the product improves the microcirculation of the skin, increase the antioxidant status of skin and prevents photodegradation. In such a way the complex HPE-4 + Neovitin® should be regarded as the most successful combination of highly effective components of Mesotel for external use, which have the maximally expressed anti-aging effect for this class of products.

ReviLine cosmetics

Today, the series REVILINE® comes in the updated version. Improvements have been applied to the ingredients of the creams and to the packaging of creams, as they are now packed by an Italian manufacturing company LUMSON, which cooperates with such world well known brands as ESTEE LAUDER, LANCOME, NIVEA, YVES ROCHER. All recipes are adapted to suit the latest innovations in the world of cosmetology. Functional components in creams were carefully selected and tested. Each cream has a mandatory and dermatological control.

REVILINE® cellular cosmetics are produced up to the standards of the European level, which has been certified according to international standards of quality control ISO and GMP. This means that the quality of creams were made with serious demands, which makes cosmetics REVILINE® one of the most effective means to maintain youthful and healthy skin.

The uniqueness of the series depends on which natural peptide complexes are in the creams with different points of application, providing effective anti-aging effects on the skin. Used complexes fullfil their purpose by stimulating skin cell regeneration, circulation and microcirculation, as well as the synthesis of collagen. Due to the action of natural peptides, skin metabolism is recovered and stored at an optimal physiological level which thereofre improves skins texture, color and moisture and lifting effect is achieved.

The structure of the peptide series of cellular cosmetics REVILINE® also includes the strongest natural antioxidant systems of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and its inducers produced by biotechnology. These complexes have antioxidant, immunomodulatory, UV- a protective, antitumor effect, significantly accelerates the process of detoxification and regeneration of skin cells.

The combination of natural peptides and natural SOD - a new way in the revitalization and cellular cosmetics.


Compliment creams

The adverse effect on our skin is so high that with time the skin starts needing additional nutrition. Help it and it will start shining in health and freshness again.

The cream "COMPLIMENT" provides complete and careful care of your face's skin. It compliments with comfort and pleasure, and creates protective barrier that prevents destructive impact of the aggressive environmental factors.

The functional ingredients of the creams "COMPLIMENT" have been carefully selected, approved and tested, and it is an obligatory precondition to have the creams dermatologically controlled.

The line of creams "COMPLIMENT" contains a complex of physiologically active peptides, which are characterized by combined impact on various cells of skin.

The physiologically active components of the creams of this series are short peptides, which are synthesized from natural amino acids, and repeat the structure of regulatory endogenous peptides, developed by the cells of organism within norm, which are able to restore the metabolism in the cells of skin and support it at the optimal level. The effectiveness of peptides has been illustrated has been illustrated by multiple experimental and clinical tests.

Decor cosmetics

Has unique series of decorative cosmetics with natural peptides: Lip balm and lip gloss PeptideLips®, mascara black/brown PeptideLashes®, cream-balsam for eyelashes PeptideLashes®.

Cosmetics with natural peptides have a healing effect. It is hypoallergenic. Each component is tested and selected taking into account the characteristics of different types of skin. The entire series is tested and has had compulsory quality control.

Lip balm and lip gloss PeptideLips® from the first application brings a sense of comfort, perfectly moisturize and relieve dryness of the lips, promote skin regeneration, accelerates healing of dry lips and slows the aging process.

Mascara PeptideLashes® provides even coverage for eyelashes and covers each eyelash from root to tip, making lashes appear darker and gives them volume. Mascara on the eyelashes is perfectly fixed, doesn't not smudge. With PeptideLashes® eyes become more expressive and impressive, and makeup stays throughout the day.

Cream-balm for eyelashes PeptideLashes® nourishes and strengthens the roots of eyelashes, restores their structure and color, stimulates growth and makes the eyelashes stronger and healthier, has a protective effect. Perfect for weakened lashes. 

Using makeup with natural peptides - it is an opportunity to preserve the beauty and youth and to combine makeup with daily care of yourself.


The correct daily care about oral cavity is the guarantee of nice and healthy smile. Fortunately, everyone knows it, but only few know that the condition of the whole organism depends on the health of oral cavity. We do not speak only about gastrointestinal tract. We also refer to respiratory, immune and cardiovascular system. The series of means for care about oral cavity REVIDONT PROFESSIONAL contain all the most necessary means for effective, qualitative and pleasant care about smile. REVIDONT PROFESSIONAL in the innovative series, which uniqueness lies in its principle of activity. It allows fighting not only the symptoms, but also to act upon the very cause of dental diseases. The series REVIDONT PROFESSIONAL contain non-abrasive polishing agents, which touches enamel cautiously. The group of innovative patented bioactive complexes developed by our strategic partner - Chemical-Biological Association by the Russian Academy of Sciences "VITA", of course is the icing on the cake of these series. The same applies to the group of natural peptides, which act in various groups of cells on the DNA level.

REVIDONT PROFESSIONAL always provides perfectly clean teeth, fresh breath and complex care about oral cavity.

Ayurvedic Herbal Teas

We present you the exclusive line of phytoteas "Ayurveda" made on the basis of ayurvedic and traditional herbs and spices. The basis of each of the presented recipes is the principle of leading of the processes to equilibrium. We attempted in the line "Ayurveda" to replace as much as possible the ayurvedic herbs and spices of oriental recipes by the traditional ingredients, which are close by their spirit, energetics and microelemental content. However, the orinental medicine contains numerous plants, which are unique by their nature and characteristics, and which alternatives simply cannot be found in the classical medicine. They are included into the ingredients of basic teas, which induce the organism to self-regulation, detoxification, strengthening of immunity and slowing down of aging process. 

We hope that you will like new phytoteas and that everyone will find something special for himself in these teas.

Ideal shape

Sometimes in order to achieve the perfect shape and fight those extra kilos, one needs to spend lots of time, efforts and sometimes energy, but neither firm diets nor exhausting physical exercises lead to the desired results. At the same time the problem of excess weight in the world is growing, the number of the related diseases is continuously increasing, and the dream of a beautiful and healthy body is moving further and further away.

Is it possible to lose weight without stress and depression? The employees of the scientific NPCRIZ department give the definite answer "Yes". What is important is to approach this problem comprehensively.

The series of products REVIFORM that we are offering was specially designed to fight effectively for the ideal shape. The nutritional drink REVIFORM-COCKTAIL fully replaces 1 meal of the day, REVIFORM-SHAPE stimulates fat burning, while REVIFORM-ABSORB cleans the body effectively, and all of them will help you to achieve the desired results comfortably and without stress! The products is this series contain vitamins and microelements, which are so necessary for our organism, as well as soluble fibers (Arabic gum), which stimulate the growth of beneficial microflora and have positive effect on the intestinal functions, improving its vermicular motion.

SPA Line

We offers you a perfect line of professional tools for body care and hair care, created with modern trends and the latest innovations in the field of SPA-cosmetics: shampoo and conditioner for all hair types with peptide and cream-mask for hair with peptides, cream soap with peptides, mesotel for bath with essential oils. SPA LINE contains no harsh cleaning agents and parabens. However, it is composed of peptides of vessels, cartilage and thymus, as well as bioantioxidant complex "Neotitin®" and bioflavolipid complex Aktivitin. The combination of these high-level components defines the uniqueness of SPA LINE, which was developed by the scientific department of NPCRIZ.

Tools for hair care with peptides have a delicate and gentle effect on the entire structure of the hair, provide gentle care and protects hair from aggressive environmental influences.

Cream soap with peptides has an antibacterial effect, moisturizes and protects the skin and promotes faster healing of minor wounds.

Mesotel for bath with essential oils of orange, lavender, jasmine, ylang-ylang are amazingly soothing and have rejuvenating effects, care for skin, soften it and make it more elastic, contribute to the production of energy in cells, stimulate cellular respiration, and also have a powerful antioxidant effects. Due to the essential oils in the mesotel, it is also beneficial for the psycho-emotional and physical condition of the human body.

SPA LINE will give you the opportunity to fell SPA-procedures at home. The undoubted advantage of these products is that you can use them as often as you want it, without significant financial cost.