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VIOFTAN 01 Biofluovitis of the connective tissue of the eye Selection source: Connective tissue of the eye.It is recommended for use in complex programs for injuries, burn eye disease, corneal dystrophy, conjunctivitis, some keratitis, keratoplasty, dry eye syndrome.Vioftan 01 promotes the healing of the corneal tissues and conjunctiva of the eye after a...
29,00 €

VIOPHTAN 02 Biofluovitis of the lens of the eyeSelection source: crystalline lensViofan 02 is recommended for use in cataracts, initial glaucoma, clouding of the lens in elderly people, dryness of the cornea.Helps restore the transparency of the lens and inhibits the development of turbidity.The lens of the eye along with the cornea and the vitreous body...
29,00 €

VIOPHTAN 03 Neutral retinal biofluvitSelection source: neutral retinaThe retina of the human eye performs one of the most important functions in the formation of the image and transfer it to the appropriate part of the brain. Through special receptors, this eye tissue converts the energy of the light stream into an electromagnetic pulse
29,00 €

VIOFTAN 04 Biofluorovitis of retinal pigment epitheliumSelection Source: Retinal pigment epitheliumVioftan 04 is recommended for use with retinitis pigmentosa, macular degeneration, retinopathology, hemeralopia (chicken blindness).Promotes the restoration of the function of retinal pigment cells, photoreceptors, interphotoreceptor matrix. It has a...
29,00 €

VIOFTAN 05 Biofluvit sclera of the eyeSelection source: ScleraThe sclera of the eye is a dense outer protein membrane consisting of a very dense connective tissue. It is more than 83 percent of the fibrous membrane, part of which is along with the cornea. The sclera performs basic and protective functions. The basis of the sclera is chaotically...
29,00 €

VIOPHTAN 06 Biofluovitis of the cornea of ​​the eyeSelection source: Cornea of ​​the eyeThe cornea performs protective and supporting functions, which is ensured by its strength, sensitivity and ability to quickly recover. Functions of light transmission and light refraction are provided by the transparency and sphericity of the cornea.
29,00 €

VIOFTAN 07 Bioflurevit eye ciliary body Vioftan 07 is recommended for prevention of glaucoma, retinal detachment, horioiditov, iridocyclitis, retinitis pigmentosa, macular degeneration of the retina, diabetic retinopathy.Source selection: The ciliary bodyThe so-called ciliary or ciliary body - part of the choroid. It mainly consists of blood vessels and...
29,00 €

VIOFTAN 08 Bioflurevit of iris Source selection: iris. Viftan 08 is recommended for the prevention horioiditv, iridocyclitis, degeneration of the iris, angle-closure glaucoma, the iris of the eye disease, as well as in gerontology practice to anti-aging and rejuvenation of organs.It has a regulatory effect on the homeostasis of the iris cells. Restores...
29,00 €

VIOFTAN 09 Biofluvit of the vitreous body of the eyeSelection source: Vitreous body of the eye.A vitreous body is a transparent, colorless, gel-like substance that fills the cavity of the eyeball. The front of the vitreous body is limited to the lens, the zonular ligament and the ciliary tract, and behind and along the periphery - the retina. The vitreous...
29,00 €

VIOPHTAN 10 Biofluovitis of the optic nerve of the eyeSelection source: Nerve tissueThe main function performed by the optic nerve is the transmission of nerve impulses from the retinal ganglion cells to the brain, where the visualization of the surrounding world takes place. A complex branched group of nerve fibers fixes primary visual stimuli and...
29,00 €
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