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Dental and oral 

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To normalize the functions of neuroendocrine system  To regulate all cyclic processes of the organism  To synchronize the biological clock of the body  To normalize the functioning of the reproductive system  To delay menopausa and alleviate its symptoms 
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Regulates the neuroendocrine system Regulates all cyclic processes in the body Synchronizes the biological clock Regulates the reproductive system Slows down menopause processes Increases fertility rate Prevents cancer, particularly of the reproductive system (reduces risk of cancer up to 5 times) Regulates immune and antioxidant status Increases life...
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47,00 €

Fluurevitic composition for the prevention of influenza.The action of Fluremix 20:Helps improve the functional state of the immune system.Effective in the programs of recovery and rejuvenation of the immune system; Strengthening immunity and enhancing adaptive abilities;With viral infections.Can be used in programs in conjunction with Viorgons (1, 21, 3,...
29,00 €

Fluurevite composition for the prevention of heartburn (Fluremics 24).The action of Fluremix 24:Helps improve the functional state of the gastrointestinal tract with heartburn;Normalization of acid-base balance;Reducing the irritation of the esophagus.It is effective in programs of restoration and rejuvenation of organs and tissues of the gastrointestinal...
29,00 €

Fluurevite composition for the prevention of rhinitis.The action of Fluremix 28:Promotes improvement of functional state of nasopharyngeal mucosa;Reduces inflammation.Effective in the programs of recovery and rejuvenation of the nasopharynx, strengthens the immune system.
29,00 €

Fluurevitic composition for the prevention of periodontitis.The action of Fluremix 29:Helps improve the functional state of the oral mucosa;Reduces inflammation.Effective in programs of restoration and rejuvenation of oral tissues, gums, strengthens the immune system.
29,00 €

Form release: 10 preparations of 10 ml Complexes of peptides for sublingual use. The first series of multicomponent peptide preparations for sublingual use, designed to prevent the malfunctioning of various systems and organs, and correction of existing diseases.
198,00 €

Occupational or psycho-emotional stress Malnutrition Imbalance of the hormonal status
30,00 €

Occupational or psycho-emotional stress Malnutrition Imbalance of the hormonal status
80,00 €

Prevents from possible inflammation (a reaction to smoking, lipstick or prolonged exposure to the sun) Gives lips shine  Contributes to the development of antioxidant enzymes  Strengthens capillary walls Improves microcirculation and tissue trophism Provides regenerating, trophic, immunostimulatory effects Speeds up the recovery of soft tissue...
10,40 €

Reduces tooth sensitivity Prevention of gum diseases Care for gums whilst wearing dentures Powerful anti-inflammatory effect Powerful regenerative effect Protection from bleeding Has calming effect Eliminates puffiness
10,40 €

Aktivitin complex and an extract of sage, chamomille, calendula and St. John's wort Natural stimulator accelerates the regeneration of the mucosa and gums Modern polishing agents and titanium dioxide provide highly effective cleaning of the teeth Fluorine-containing component of sodium monofluorophosphate prevents from dental caries etc.
8,45 €

Pyrophosphates help to remove dental plaque and prevent from microorganisms to be left on the surface of the teeth, therefore preventing from dental caries Prevents from the development of periodontal disease, stomatitis, gingivitis Strengthens gums Has strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effect Contributes to the restoration of normal microflora of...
8,45 €

The peptide complex A4 has regenerating effect for alveolar arch, strengthens the structure of the teeth, and stimulates the formation of enamel. Superoxide dismutase (SOD) antioxidant; it has inflammation reducing and refreshing effects. The peptide complex A3 strengthens the walls of capillary vessels, and improves microcirculation. It decreases gum...
11,70 €

28,00 €

VIORGON 01 Biofluovitis of connective tissueSource of isolation: medical serumIn the human body, many kinds of different tissues. One of the most important is the connective tissue - it is a link that connects all the tissues of our body. The normal functioning of the organs and systems of the human body largely depends on its condition. Connective...
29,00 €

VIRGON 21 MME-Flurevit Seleucora-αSource of isolation: aqueous fraction of the drug Selekor-α.Viorgon 21 contains an aqueous fraction of the substance Selekor-α, which is biologically available divalent organic selenium, which is necessary for the effective functioning of the most important body systems:
29,00 €

VIRGON 22 Mycofluovitis of the fly agaricSelection source: amanita muscariaAmanita muscaria has an analgesic, stimulating, analgesic and antitumoral effect. It is used as an antispasmodic and pain-relieving agent for tumors, rheumatism, nerve tension. Amanita restores energy in the body and rejuvenates the body as a whole.
29,00 €

VIRGON 23 Mikoflurevit chanterelleSelection source: mushroom chanterelles ordinary.Chanterelles are never "wormy", but all thanks to the fact that there is a special substance in the body of the fungus - chitinmannosis, which destroys capsules of eggs of various invertebrates, both insects and worms, including tape and round, preventing them from...
29,00 €

VIRGON 25 Phytofluovitis of the hellebore of the CaucasusSelection source: hellebore caucasianThe Caucasian frostbite is a plant from the family of buttercups. The frostbite has a resistance to freezing in cold winters, and also drought resistance in hot summer time. The roots of the hellebore of the Caucasus contain cardiac glycosides, alkaloids,...
29,00 €

VIRGON 28 MME-Fluurevit oligochitosanSource of isolation: biofluovit is made on the basis of oligochitosan, a component of shells of crabs and shrimpsIt is recommended as an auxiliary tool in complex programs for diseases caused by infection with pathogenic microfloraViorgon 28 has a high nonspecific biocidal activity in relation to virtually all...
29,00 €

Microelement germanium is present in such natural foods as garlic, ginseng, chlorella and a variety of mushrooms. He aroused a keen interest in the medical community in the 1960s after Dr. Katsuhiho Asai's sensational works on the amazing properties of germanium. A Japanese scientist was one of the first to discover that some plants known for their...
29,00 €
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