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Immune system 

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It stimulates the regeneration of cilial epithelium cells in the lungs It has immune modulatory, analgesic and inflammation reducing effect Improves the function of respiratory organs It helps to tear and remove secretion, and decreases the symptoms of pulmonary congestion
5,85 €

It slows down the formation of liver hepatosis and cirrhosis It helps the indicators of the detoxicating and protein producing processes of the liver It decreases the levels of symptoms caused by poisoning It has inflammation reducing, analgesic and antibilious effect
9,75 €

during anemia of different genesis (anemic type) in complex treatment of oncological patients At hypoalimentation
40,00 €

during anemia of different genesis (anemic type) in complex treatment of oncological patients At hypoalimentation
105,00 €

Immunodeficiencies of various originsFrequent viral diseasesLipid metabolismAntioxidantFor the prevention of cancer pathologyFor the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system
39,00 €

To normalize of the function of intestines To restore correct intestinal flora after treatment with antibiotics Chronic pancreatitis, gastroduodenitis, ulcers, and enterocolitis Protection against enteric infections Dyspepsia syndrome Allergic diseases (dermatitis, eczema, rashes)
17,55 €

To normalize the functions of neuroendocrine system  To regulate all cyclic processes of the organism  To synchronize the biological clock of the body  To normalize the functioning of the reproductive system  To delay menopausa and alleviate its symptoms 
70,00 €

Different types of immune deficiencies Prevention of oncologic diseases Rehabilitation after serious injuries and illnesses Rehabilitation after myocardial infractus and stroke Period before and after surgery Degenerative diseases of joints and spine Chronic respiratory diseases Chronic intestinal, stomach and urinary tract Insufficient oxidation...
39,00 €

47,00 €

Normalizes urogenital system Increases libido Normalizes menstrual cycle Helps to decrease the symptoms of menopause Decreases pains of true pelvis and groin during menses Increases sensitivity in genital tract Helps to cease anorgasmia Improves the balance of neuroendocrine system Ceases aggression, neurosis, psychopathia, depression Helps to sleep in a...
17,55 €

Fluurevitic composition for the prevention of influenza.The action of Fluremix 20:Helps improve the functional state of the immune system.Effective in the programs of recovery and rejuvenation of the immune system; Strengthening immunity and enhancing adaptive abilities;With viral infections.Can be used in programs in conjunction with Viorgons (1, 21, 3,...
29,00 €

Fluurevitic composition for the prevention of furunculosis.Action Fluremixa 39:Helps improve the functional state of the skin and hair in cases of furunculosis;Reduces inflammation.Improves the immune system;Promotes wound healing processes.It is effective in programs of restoration and rejuvenation of connective tissue, strengthening of immunity.
29,00 €

Fluurevitic composition for the prevention of dermatitis.The action of Fluremix 41:Helps improve the functional state of the skin with dermatitis;Reduces inflammation.Promotes the processes of wound healing of the skin.It is effective in programs of restoration and rejuvenation of connective tissue, strengthening of immunity.
29,00 €

It decreases the allergic sensitivity of the body due to parasites It has manifest immune modulatory and anti parasite properties. It helps to remove parasites from the body. It normalizes the function of the liver and the digestive channel. It stimulates detoxification processes
11,70 €

Parasite infections Allergy Immunodeficiency Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Liver function disorder Gastro-intestinal infections
17,55 €

Form release: 10 preparations of 10 ml Complexes of peptides for sublingual use. The first series of multicomponent peptide preparations for sublingual use, designed to prevent the malfunctioning of various systems and organs, and correction of existing diseases.
198,00 €

Occupational or psycho-emotional stress Malnutrition Imbalance of the hormonal status
30,00 €

Occupational or psycho-emotional stress Malnutrition Imbalance of the hormonal status
80,00 €

Pathological correction of the immune system Increase of the expected life expectacy Regeneration of organs and tissues Oncological diseases Prevention of premature aging
12,00 €

Digestive problems (obesity, metabolic problems, chronic stomach and intestinal diseases) Diseases of the heart, lungs and liver Frequent colds Allergic diseases Chronic stomach and intestine diseases Chronic diseases of nervous system Oncological diseases Fatigue Stress Great physical strain Intensive sport
13,64 €

Regulates cell division Helps to restore natural immunity Decreases the risk of respiratory cancer Decreases the formation of hormone-dependent tumors Decreases serious tissue damaged established during inflammations Prevents papilloma infections
39,00 €

In case of immune deficiency After healing from diseases For chronic intoxifications For rehabilitation after myocardial infarcts and stroke In healing after operations To prevent oncological diseases
60,00 €

Chronic bronchitis Emphysema Allergy in airways Bronchial asthma Prevention of premature aging
12,00 €

It improves memory, concentration and enhances the cognitive functions in the brain. It normalizes, and highly increases the energy potential of nerve cells, thereby optimizes the activity of the brain. It has antioxidant effect, and it is an immune strengthener. It increases the resistance against overload, stress, and fatigue Highly enhances the mental...
17,55 €

Oncological diseases recommended to prevent. Enhances the resistance of the organism Optimizes sperm production and testosterone synthesis For vitamins:provides suitable metabolism It regulates the function of peptides, DNA synthesis, thereby cell division processes It can help to heal sterility. It helps to prevent prostate complaints. etc.
21,45 €

Reduces the cholesterol level of the blood Prevents arteriosclerosis Regulates, optimizes fat metabolism Beneficially affects the skin, and stimulates the collagen synthesis It improves functions of female hormones Decreases the risk of osteoporosis Prevents sclerosis Prevention of myocardial infarction and stroke After myocardial infarction and stroke etc.
25,35 €

Antioxidant and antistress protection Improves cerebral circulation Improves the functioning of the central and peripheral nervous system Improves mental health Helps restoration of memory and concentration  Improves metabolic processes in the body Slowes the aging process at the cellular level
28,60 €

Thrombosis, hypertension, coronary artery diseases Myocardial infarctus and stroke Premature aging, problems of nervous system and brain Problems of fat metabolism Diabetes, high cholestol level It use after chemo or radiotherapy highly contributes to rehabilitation. In case of allergic reactions.
17,55 €

Prevention of oncologic diseases For the prevention of pathological tumor diseases at various stages during a complex treatment Different types of immune deficiencies Systematic collagen diseases Scleroderma Rheumatism Sclerosis multiplex Chronic liver inflammatory Diabetes Relating cardiovascular diseases Prevention of premature aging Metabolic disorders
117,00 €

Recommended for: • with anemia of different genesis• for violations of the hematopoietic system• with varicose veins• with arteriosclerosis of blood vessels• with trophic ulcers• with thrombophlebitis• with angiopathy• to improve immunity• with a metabolic disorder• in the complex treatment of cancer patients• Improved tolerability of chemoradiotherapy
70,00 €

Recommended for: • for prevention of premature aging• for the prevention of atherosclerosis, hypertension• for the prevention of heart attack and stroke• in the rehabilitation of postinfarction and post-stroke patients• with varicose veins• with arterial hypertension• with trophic ulcers• with thrombophlebitis• for arteriosclerosis of vessels• with...
70,00 €

Revilab SL 03 — it contains peptides of epiphysis, T-cell branch and B-cell branch of the immune system. Recommended for:: • prevention of premature ageing• immunodeficiency • after diseases• chronic intoxication• rehabilitation after heart attacks and after strokes• after the surgery• for cancer prevention
24,00 €

Revilab SL 04 — it contains peptides of T-cell branch of immune system, cartilage and muscles. Recommended for:• arthrosis and arthritis• rheumatism• osteochondrosis• osteoporosis• gout• rehabilitation after traumas and other injuries
24,00 €

Revilab SL 06 — it contains peptides of T-cell branch of immune system, bronchi, lungs and stomach walls. Recommended for:: • chronic bronchitis • pulmonary emphysema • respiratory allergies • bronchial asthma • prevention of premature ageing
24,00 €

Revilab SL 07 — it contains peptides of B-cell branch of immune system, bone marrow and vessel wall. Recommended for: • anemia of different genesis • disorder in hematopoietic system • treatment of the oncological patients • in cases of varicose veins • arterial hypertension
24,00 €

Revilab SL 08 — it contains peptides of T-cell branch of immune system, vessel wall and urinary bladder. Recommended for: • immunodeficiency • urinary system disorders • chronic intoxication • rehabilitation after heart attacks and after strokes • oncological diseases therapy
24,00 €
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