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The use of biologically active additives NPCRIZ help you consistently restore health. The complex application of presented biologically active supplements perform one of the most important functions: guarantees the prevention of premature aging, promotes the normalization of metabolism and accumulates the organism's strengths without any destruc...

The use of biologically active additives NPCRIZ help you consistently restore health. The complex application of presented biologically active supplements perform one of the most important functions: guarantees the prevention of premature aging, promotes the normalization of metabolism and accumulates the organism's strengths without any destructive side effects. The use of biologically active supplements of the Center of Revitalization and Health and their combination with peptide bioregulators create solid foundation for the extension of youth, beauty, health and active longevity.



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Erection function disorders Chronic prostate disorders Libido decrease Premature ejaculation Qualitative and quantitative decrease of ejaculation Infertility Prevention of prostate cancer
17,55 €

For the prevention of premature aging; For stabilization of arterial pressure; For the prevention of atherosclerosis; For stroke prevention; For thrombosis prophylaxis; etc.
22,10 €

«Alvenorm forte» is an innovative multicomponent preparation with peptides, specially created to prevent disruption of the bronchopulmonary system.The combination of intensively acting ultrashort peptides and a whole complex of medicinal phytoextracts (Iceland moss, plantain, cowberry leaf, nettle, licorice root, eucalyptus, calendula, thyme) provides the...
30,00 €

Prevention of liver carcinoma Chronic poisoning Hepatitis caused by virus Hepatitis caused by drugs or alcohol Decreasing detoxificating and protein forming function of the liver Hepatosis of liver grease Cirrhosis
17,55 €

Problems of nervous system and brain Cerebral insufficiency, depression, insomnia Memory disturbance, dizziness, tinnitus Increased intellectual and physical stress Cardiovascular disorders Headache, hypertension diseases Coronary artery diseases, coagulation disorders Osteoporosis, fractures, rheuma, arthritis Slowing of growth Climax, diabetes Premature...
11,70 €

Coronary diseases Arteriosclerosis Increased coagulation Abnormal vessel fragility Hypertension Myocarditis of various origin Myocardial infarcts Arrhythmias To prevent stroke and heart failure
17,55 €

In osteoarthritis, Arthritis, Bursitis, Rheumatism, Osteochondrosis, Gout.
28,60 €

Immunodeficiencies of various originsFrequent viral diseasesLipid metabolismAntioxidantFor the prevention of cancer pathologyFor the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system
39,00 €

To normalize of the function of intestines To restore correct intestinal flora after treatment with antibiotics Chronic pancreatitis, gastroduodenitis, ulcers, and enterocolitis Protection against enteric infections Dyspepsia syndrome Allergic diseases (dermatitis, eczema, rashes)
17,55 €

Different types of immune deficiencies Prevention of oncologic diseases Rehabilitation after serious injuries and illnesses Rehabilitation after myocardial infractus and stroke Period before and after surgery Degenerative diseases of joints and spine Chronic respiratory diseases Chronic intestinal, stomach and urinary tract Insufficient oxidation...
39,00 €

Stress Neurosis Apathy Depression Chronic Fatigue
29,00 €

Normalizes urogenital system Increases libido Normalizes menstrual cycle Helps to decrease the symptoms of menopause Decreases pains of true pelvis and groin during menses Increases sensitivity in genital tract Helps to cease anorgasmia Improves the balance of neuroendocrine system Ceases aggression, neurosis, psychopathia, depression Helps to sleep in a...
17,55 €

Parasite infections Allergy Immunodeficiency Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Liver function disorder Gastro-intestinal infections
17,55 €

Osteoarthritis (degenerative joint inflammation) Arthrithis Inflammation of mucus tubes Rheumatism osteochondrosis of spine (surface necrosis of bones) Gout
25,35 €

Digestive problems (obesity, metabolic problems, chronic stomach and intestinal diseases) Diseases of the heart, lungs and liver Frequent colds Allergic diseases Chronic stomach and intestine diseases Chronic diseases of nervous system Oncological diseases Fatigue Stress Great physical strain Intensive sport
13,64 €

Regulates cell division Helps to restore natural immunity Decreases the risk of respiratory cancer Decreases the formation of hormone-dependent tumors Decreases serious tissue damaged established during inflammations Prevents papilloma infections
39,00 €

39,00 €

Various forms of mastitis Disruption of the menstrual cycle Prevention of hormone-dependent diseases of the female reproductive system (mammary gland, ovary and their complications) Prevention of female cancer pathology Smooth and mild correction of the endocrine system Optimization of women's hormonal status
39,00 €

Thrombosis, hypertension, coronary artery diseases Myocardial infarctus and stroke Premature aging, problems of nervous system and brain Problems of fat metabolism Diabetes, high cholestol level It use after chemo or radiotherapy highly contributes to rehabilitation. In case of allergic reactions.
17,55 €

Pain relief in several stomach diseases (gastritis, stomach ulcer, duodenum ulcer, inflammation of mucous membranes of the stomach) Notably positive effects in standard treatment Strong antioxidant effect.
40,95 €

Diabetic angiopathy of the blood vessels of the legs, brain and retina Lipid and carbohydrate metabolism disorders Decreased glucose tolerance Type 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus Coagulopathy Capillary fragility
17,55 €

Bioregulator peptide designed to stimulate the regenerative processes of the eye tissue in diseases and injuries of the retina and cornea.
45,00 €

Degenerative diseases of joints and spine Chronic poisoning Chronic hepatitis Biliary dyskinesia (irregular contractions of bile bladder) Decreased liver function
13,65 €

Chronic kidney insufficiency Chronic pyelonephritis (a serious bacterial disease of the kidneys) Cystitis (bladder inflammation) Urinary stones Chronic glomerulonephritis (bilateral, non-bacterial inflammation of kidneys) Nephroptosis (kidney reduction) Development anomaly of urinary tracks
13,65 €

Twilight and night vision problems Tired eye syndrome Cyclospasm Diabetic angiopathia és arteriosclerosis concerning the retina Degeneration of the retina Depositions on the retina Optic nerve atrophy
17,55 €

Prevention of oncologic diseases For the prevention of pathological tumor diseases at various stages during a complex treatment Different types of immune deficiencies Systematic collagen diseases Scleroderma Rheumatism Sclerosis multiplex Chronic liver inflammatory Diabetes Relating cardiovascular diseases Prevention of premature aging Metabolic disorders
117,00 €

Increased physical activity Primary and secondary immunodeficiency Reduction of antioxydant status Atherosclerosis (calcification of the arteries by hardening the artery walls) Diabetes Anemias of various origins Lack of vitamins and microelements as a result of hunger or slimming
17,55 €

To prevent and compensate secondary immunodeficiency To improve detoxifying capability of the body following intoxication and radiation To improve general condition of patients with oncologic diseases To correct metabolic processes, to alleviate the symptoms of diseases To facilitate tolerability of radiation therapies To treat patients with oncologic...
78,00 €

Biorhythms and restores immunity Regulates the neuro-endocrine balance Normalizes metabolism of neurotransmitters Stimulates tissue regeneration Promotes detoxification Prolongs youth and slows down aging
47,00 €

Alcohol intoxication; Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal syndrome; Craving for alcohol; Support the work of the liver; Normalization of metabolism; Deterioration of self-esteem, apathy.
7,50 €

OverweightViolation of lipid and carbohydrate metabolismIntoxicationElevated levels of cholesterol in the bloodDigestive disordersIncreased risk of developing polyps and hemorrhoidsPrevention of neplasms
22,10 €

Tension, stress Insomnia Stroke Brain and head injuries Allergy Skin diseases Carbohydrate and fat metabolism Diabetes Arteriosclerosis Vasoneurosis Hypertension
11,70 €
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